Diamonds that Glow in the Dark - That's What You Need to Know

December 3, 2022
Glow in The Dark

We all know that diamonds sparkle beautifully under sunlight, but did you know they can also glow in the dark? Some diamonds have a unique luminescent property that allows them to reflect light under ultraviolet (UV) rays. This means diamonds will show a unique color and shine even when there's no direct lighting available.

Do diamonds glow in the dark?

Yes, diamonds can glow in the dark due to fluorescence, and you can only see this blue light under ultra-violet (UV) light. Around 30% of diamonds have this natural fluorescence feature.

In natural daylight, blue fluorescence will make a diamond look whiter, even if it's slightly yellowish. But on the flip side, diamonds with solid fluorescence can give off a cloudy or oily appearance, significantly reducing their value.

Why do diamonds glow in the dark, and how does it work?

The presence of certain chemical impurities within the diamond causes this effect. Fluorescence is usually bluish but can also be yellow, white, or green. When diamonds are exposed to UV light, it excites these impurities, and the diamond will emit visible light in those same colors.

Diamonds Under a Blacklight - Good or Bad?

It entirely depends on your preference. Suppose you like diamonds that are a little bit brighter. In that case, the faint fluorescence in diamonds can save you money and help you get a better-looking diamond without compromising on brilliance. However, diamonds with strong blue fluorescence might affect the overall color and appearance of the diamond and should be avoided.

The impact of fluorescence on the appearance of diamonds

The impact of fluorescence on diamonds depends on the color grade of the diamond. In diamonds with I to M color grades, blue fluorescence can enhance the diamonds' appearance in UV light and make them appear more colorless. As a result, diamonds with these color grades that have very strong to medium bluish fluorescence may have slightly higher per-carat prices than diamonds with similar color grades that do not fluoresce. On the other hand, diamonds with higher color grades (e.g., D to H) should be avoided if they have strong fluorescence, as this can negatively affect the diamond's appearance and value.

Overall, diamonds with fluorescence can make an excellent choice for those looking for something that stands out from the crowd. However, it's essential to carefully consider the impact of fluorescence on the overall look and price of a diamond before making your purchase decision.

What should I do when buying diamonds that glow in the dark?

It's important to buy diamonds with fluorescence from a reputable retailer that provides a GIA certificate. Be sure to check into the retailer's return policy just in case you don't end up liking your purchase.

How much will a diamond with fluorescence affect its price?

The price of diamonds with fluorescence is usually lower than diamonds without it, so you may be able to save money on your diamond purchase. However, this doesn't mean that diamonds with strong blue fluorescence are good deals- they can still hurt the overall appearance and value of the diamond.

What are the different levels of fluorescence on glow in the dark diamonds?

The GIA diamonds report assigns fluorescence grades: None, Faint, Medium, Strong, and Very Strong. You can pick diamonds with different fluorescence levels depending on your preference and budget.

How can you tell if a diamond has strong, medium, faint, or no fluorescence?

The best way to tell is by viewing diamonds under a UV light; a diamond with strong fluorescence will emit more visible blue light than one with faint fluorescence. However, it's recommended to purchase diamonds with a GIA certificate that provides detailed information on the diamond's fluorescence levels.

Without a black light, it's tough to tell if diamonds glow in the dark.


Diamonds with fluorescence can be an excellent choice for those looking for something different. While diamonds with fluorescence can save you money and make diamonds appear more colorless, it is essential to carefully consider the impact of fluorescence on the overall look and price of a diamond before making your purchase decision.

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